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Our professional services team (or our problem solvers) can advise, scope, plan, implement, test and support a wide range of technical, strategic and legislative issues and problems. .

In the fast-moving world of IT and technology, innovations and tools are allowing increased productivity, efficiency and a reduction of costs. However, for these perceived benefits to come to fruition, the strategy for change must be implemented with care. Our business and strategic consultancy services can help with ensuring that the businesses strategic goals are aligned with your current and future IT systems.

We all have questions related to IT and technology, if it’s urgent, time-consuming or essential, why not ask us? We are the experts, with a broad range of expertise and knowledge gained from many verticals, we are in the position to help you with your queries.

Digital transformation, systems upgrades, staff training and infrastructure projects need to be implemented strategically and effectively. Our team will help scope, plan, test, implement and maintain where required. We work with our clients to identify the goals and requirements of the project, keeping in mind the overarching vision of the company. The phased implementation of IT projects, which we favour allows for the necessary testing and user adjustment to take place. The testing and feedback are instrumental in fine-tuning any system, and the knowledge gained is implemented upstream with future stages adapting to the new parameters.

Our expertise will often offer new insight into projects, mitigate risks and reduce costs while providing you with the reassurance that your goals will be achieved within budget and on time.

Your IT infrastructure fuels the business and a weak or unreliable infrastructure causes inefficiencies, downtime, frustration and loss of revenue. As a managed service provider our job is to provide you with advice to mitigate against risks and foresee issues before they occur. Our consultants analyse every component within your IT infrastructure and provide tangible solutions taking costs and business requirements and objectives into consideration. This advice and help are ongoing as businesses evolve, so does IT.

We know that office moves, relocations and the initial set up of a business can be quite a challenge. We have an experienced team that will advise, plan and move your infrastructure and complete the initial set up to fit around your schedule. As a managed service provider and through careful planning and efficient implementation and swap over of services, we help ensure that there is minimal disruption and your services and systems are up and running promptly.