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We are a managed service provider with extensive experience in managed services, cloud computing, cyber security, systems architecture and consultancy, we empower our clients through the use of cutting edge technology that has been tailored and optimised to your individual needs, business objectives and aspirations.


Managed Services

Are your IT systems not working efficiently or slowing you down at work? We are a Managed Service Provider will help you get back on track. We can offer full support or work with your IT manager to analyse, recommend, improve, optimise, maintain and automate your internal IT ecosystem

Managed Services

The  five pillars of our strategy are “ analyse, recommend, implement, maintain and evolve”. This allows us to stay ahead of the curve and implement technology and solutions that enable our clients to meet their business objectives and spend more time working on the things that matter to them. As a managed service provider our scope and services cover 5 main categories.

We support your team and business. Whether onsite, remote, via phone/email, we are there to resolve any issues you may have. We work with our clients to find their favoured form of communication to promote efficient problem-solving. Our support is available for all devices, software, cloud, hardware and infrastructure and we have the ability and expertise to act fast and support businesses. 

Our hands-on approach to planning, support, initial set up and staff training sees us actively engaging with our clients, ensuring that any technology is used to its full potential.  Our on-boarding process enables business to be confident that all information is gathered, gap analysis performed prior to supporting you to facilitate a smooth handover  and effective support thereafter.

Support Coverage (Onsite, Email, Telephone, Remote dial-in)             

– Server – hardware, cloud, OS, applications

– Storage & Backup – onsite, cloud, hybrid

– Cyber Security

– Comms and Collaboration (Email, Teams, Telephony, Conferencing)

– Audio Visual Services

– Network infrastructure –  cloud, software & hardware (Firewall, Switch, Wi-Fi, Router, Internet)

– Desktop – hardware, OS, applications

– Printer – onsite hardware & Support

With the best of breed infrastructure and network monitoring tech, we can ensure that your business is safe. The majority of abnormalities and potential problems can be detected and resolved before they have an impact on the end-user. Additionally, with system health checks and regular backup checks, we ensure that your systems are up to date and secure.  As we work with you, we can identify any inefficiencies and suggest improvements where applicable. An often labour intensive process for businesses and their IT managers is patch management and update implementation. We take a proactive approach to ensure that updates and patches are applied at the appropriate time while maximising security and limiting downtime. 

Communication and collaboration are vital to the success of both the individual and the business. We encourage clients & users to ustilise fit for purpose tools that are available to enhance their communication and optimise collaboration between team members and clients. Some solutions we setup and support include:

Email & Collaboration                             Telephony

Email Systems & Security                             – Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

– Teams, Slack, Zoom, Hubspot                     – Traditional

– Cloud storage eg Azure, Sharepoint            – Integrated (On-Prem/Cloud)

Are there dead spots of WiFi coverage in your workplace or are you receiving too many spam emails, these and many other ailments may be linked to your It infrastructure.  Assessment and tweaking of your infrastructure and systems can lead to drastic improvements within your working environment. Often overlooked, the core infrastructure and its components are central to a business’s day to day functionality.

Areas covered:

– Switches           – Firewall            – Routers

– VPN                   – Wi-Fi                – Internet

Business continuity and disaster recovery is a must for all businesses that rely heavily on technology.

Cloud Solutions

Is your social head in the cloud but not your professional one? It is easy to get caught in a storm with so many options.  We are here to help you choose the right solution for you and your business.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions offer flexibility, scalability, savings and a whole host of additional features that have empowered and increased productivity of many businesses and users globally. To take full advantage of cloud computing, we will work with you to identify your core computing and technology-based processes, requirements, and aspirations and provide a solution that aligns with your business needs. We will tailor a solution based upon current hardware and practices aiming to increase efficiency through the use of cloud computing that enables your business to focus on revenue-generating projects. 

The main benefits for adopting the cloud for business use include reduced operational costs, increased security, greater ease of access and the ability to move away from on-premise hardware and infrastructure.  Additional security and management features let you feel safe that all your data is secure and retrievable via cloud backup services. Enable your teams to work collaboratively on projects, use virtual desktops to increase user access to reduce business interruption in times of catastrophe.  The cloud infrastructure allows for reduced downtime when services do fail and are less susceptible than on-premise hardware when the unthinkable does happen.

Summary of potential benefits:

– Increased collaboration and productivity          – Cost effective 

– Increased ease of access and use                         – Virtual desktops 

– Reduction of internal infrastructure                  – Scaleability          

– Backup and restoration services                         – Increased security

We offer a variety of cloud solutions/platforms and each has its benefits and characteristics, that can be tailored to fit your business needs.

Areas covered:

 – Office 365

– Microsoft Azure 

– Amazon Web Services (AWS)

– Private and hybrid cloud platforms

– Integration of existing cloud solutions

Digital transformation is the transition to digital technologies in all areas of your business changing how you deliver value to your customers and changing staff cultures in your organisation to facilitate new ways of working.  However, digital transformation must take into account the broader business goals and strategy.

We work with our clients to ensure that the goals are clear and comprehensive, and we then offer a variety of digital solutions that match the requirements of the business. We have found that leveraging the knowledge and expertise of your staff and users helps identify the different variables that exist within individual companies.  One system that is perfectly designed and implemented for sales may not work for logistics. Through analysis and implementation of the above aspects and more, we are confident that we will be able to achieve your desired results through digital transformation.

Backup and recovery services are not just for emergencies.  While the cloud offers excellent flexibility and redundancy, the end-user data is not backed up in many cases. Of interest and which some may find surprising is that Microsoft does not back up its cloud servers. It is the responsibility of individual organisations to ensure that their data and emails, the lifeblood of their business are adequately backed-up. 

Data loss can occur in many forms, and often it can be attributed to end-user accidental deletion and administrative errors.  Additionally, other avenues of data loss can arise such as file corruption, bugs in automation systems and as a result of malicious activity in its many forms. We, therefore, recommend that you have your cloud services backed up regularly to ensure that if data loss does occur, it can be retrieved quickly and easily.

As a managed service provider we can offer a cost-effective solution that will keep your email data safe by backing up Office 365 data.  This can be easily set up or added to an existing product. All other Microsoft data such as Exchange services, Sharepoint and OneDrive can also be backed up. The backups are stored on Microsoft’s own servers so that your data will never leave the Azure Environment. 

Different solutions for all the leading cloud providers are also available. Please get in touch for more details.

Cyber Security

Email hacks, data breaches, ransomware, viruses, stolen identity and assets … just the start of a potentially long and scary list of IT Catastrophes that can assail modern businesses…

Cyber Security

However, if your IT infrastructure and data is managed correctly and updated regularly, these can easily be avoided. We can help identify any weak spots and build a safer, more secure cyber environment that will help you sleep at night.

We do offer services and support related to one particular area of concern, which we find can be a help to a company who just need a professional opinion to double-check their systems are secure. 

Perhaps a new firewall needs to be installed and set up, we can do that for you. We do, however, suggest that your entire IT systems, processes and user habits are assessed to ensure the best and safest results.

Areas covered:

– Hardware

– Software

– Network infrastructure

Looking at the bigger picture, how your business handles its sensitive and client data is of utmost importance, and we can ensure that it is protected and compliant. The ecosystem of your business processes, the IT components and avenues of access can be complex and some are more resilient than others on the ever-changing cyber battlefield. 

One example is Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is having its support withdrawn shortly, leaving it exposed to attack. This alone is a risk that can be mitigated by moving your email systems to Microsoft 365 on the cloud.

Areas covered:

– Information & data

– Cloud and 3rd party app security

Is your internet connection good enough to allow the adoption of cloud computing, are your backups running during peak hours and causing disruption to your staff? These variables and others need to be monitored and assessed before the implementation of any new system. Introducing change requires analysis to ensure that the current system has the capacity and power to provide the necessary functionality. As a managed service provider, through non-invasive monitoring and testing, we can asses your infrastructure to ensure it can provide the essential output for your business.

Areas covered:

– End Point Security

– End User Awareness

– Vulnerability Testing

Professional Services

 Have you found your killer productivity app but can’t enable your team to use it? Struggling with integrating your current systems with the newest tech? Continual issues? Inefficient systems? Need advice?

Professional Services

Our professional services team (or our problem solvers) can advise, scope, plan, implement, test and support a wide range of technical, strategic and legislative issues and problems. 

In the fast-moving world of IT and technology, innovations and tools are allowing increased productivity, efficiency and a reduction of costs.  However, for these perceived benefits to come to fruition, the strategy for change must be implemented with care. Our business and strategic consultancy services can help with ensuring that the businesses strategic goals are aligned with your current and future IT systems.

We all have questions related to IT and technology, if it’s urgent, time-consuming or essential, why not ask us? We are the experts, with a broad range of expertise and knowledge gained from many verticals, we are in the position to help you with your queries. 

Digital transformation, systems upgrades, staff training and infrastructure projects need to be implemented strategically and effectively. Our team will help scope, plan, test, implement and maintain where required. We work with our clients to identify the goals and requirements of the project, keeping in mind the overarching vision of the company.  The phased implementation of IT projects, which we favour allows for the necessary testing and user adjustment to take place. The testing and feedback are instrumental in fine-tuning any system, and the knowledge gained is implemented upstream with future stages adapting to the new parameters.

Our expertise will often offer new insight into projects, mitigate risks and reduce costs while providing you with the reassurance that your goals will be achieved within budget and on time.

Your IT infrastructure fuels the business and a weak or unreliable infrastructure causes inefficiencies, downtime, frustration and loss of revenue. As a managed service provider our job is to provide you with advice to mitigate against risks and foresee issues before they occur. Our consultants analyse every component within your IT infrastructure and provide tangible solutions taking costs and business requirements and objectives into consideration. This advice and help are ongoing as businesses evolve, so does IT.

We know that office moves, relocations and the initial set up of a business can be quite a challenge. We have an experienced team that will advise, plan and move your infrastructure and complete the initial set up to fit around your schedule. As a managed service provider and through careful planning and efficient implementation and swap over of services, we help ensure that there is minimal disruption and your services and systems are up and running promptly.

Virtual Desktop Solutions

Do you need an emergency VPN set up, server and firewall reconfiguration, phone diversion or any other IT needs during the COVID-19 outbreak, we can solve your problems

Virtual Desktop Solutions

Imagine your desktop PC follows you around, wherever you are in the world, and it does not cost the earth! We will integrate seamlessly with your IT manager or service provider to get your business back up and running asap. Click on the links to find out more.

We all have emergencies. We see ourselves as the 4th emergency service. You don’t need to have a contract to contact us in a crisis. Just get in touch, and we will do our best to help you get back up and running again.

Areas covered:

– VPN                          – Cloud set up
– RDS                          – Network
– Backup                     – Other methods (direct access, SDWan)

Do you want the flexibility of working on a single desktop computer but not be limited to working within an office environment?. Hosting a desktop computer in the cloud achieves this and your computer follows you around the world, where ever you are. Our solutions even work on tablets and mobile devices.

Technology has matured, allowing individuals to make use of this technology with no prior IT knowledge or experience. Imagine you don’t have to maintain/purchase hardware, worry about refreshing them, save on energy bills and virtually no downtime just turn on the virtual switch and it works!

You may be concerned about data security and reliability but don’t worry, data is encrypted/secured to the highest standard and stored on world-class cloud provider platforms such as Microsoft Virtual Desktops or Amazon Workspaces. Coupled with our excellent scope, install, support and maintenance services, you are in good hands. We take the pain out of implementing such a solution for your business whether you wish to migrate a few PC’s to thousands of PC’s to the cloud

Contact us for a chat or coffee (virtual for now!) and let’s bounce some ideas off each other.

You may suffer a ransomware attacks, malicious (or non-malicious) deletion of your data or not be able to access your office. Ultimately your data and applications have to be protected from any threat and needs to be quickly accessible.

As a managed service provider, we help businesses to identify gaps in their backup and disaster recovery process and work with them to remedy these. We have years of expertise and experience in this area which will be used to guide and advise you during this process. We are sensitive to your budgets, but there are some simple, cost-effective, quick-win solutions that we can suggest to mitigate against your immediate threats. Contact us for more information

IT Service Management 

The boring but essential..we take the hassle out of our your IT Management!

IT Service ManagemenT

ITSM refers to a Service Management framework involving activities such as consulting, delivering, supporting and managing IT lifecycles for organisations which enables us to create value for our customers.

The ITSM framework underpins all activities we carry on on a day to day basis and enables us to  deliver and meet your expectations and business outcomes

IT management focuses on the management of your IT infrastructure. Our Account Managers and Consultants meet with you regularly to ensure we are delivering value and service. 

We discuss not only your current service delivery statistics and issues but also other areas such as budgets, security, capacity planning, innovations, risks, disaster recovery, efficiency and cost savings strategies. We are your CIO/IT Manager helping and defining your IT strategy, achieving business growth goals and digital transformation using information technology.

Areas covered:

– Subscriptions and renewals                    – Support contracts. 

– Warranty management                           – Software lifecycle management

– Hardware lifecycle management           – Service Delivery

– Documentation(CMDB)

Auditing is a crucial part of managing your IT estate. An audit allows us to know what systems and hardware you have, and we can then help to cut costs by streamlining your requirements and only procure if there is an actual need. Most customers do not carry out license, hardware, software, cloud subscription audits and don’t realise how much savings can be made by investing a little time and effort into this.

Areas covered:

–  Hardware and software.                        – Users

– Cloud infrastructure                                – Licenses

End-user engagement and training play a key role in ensuring your users are happy with the service they receive and are equipped with the necessary tools to carry out their day-to-day work whilst being able to interact effectively with their team and the company as a whole.

Regular surveys, end-user training and solutions such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet empower users to share information, enhance working practices and ultimately work as a team.

Areas covered:

– Slack.           Netpromoter

– Surveys       – User feedback studies

About Us

We are a proactive, friendly, managed service provider facilitating all aspects of your IT  and technology needs.

We are a London based, plain speaking, friendly managed service provider with years of experience facilitating all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our expertise in understanding your requirements, designing and scoping solutions, supporting and monitoring them, enables us to meet your business objectives, needs and budgets.

Working with you, our outcomes are to build relationships and create “value” for the service we provide, ensuring this value aligns with your perception of our service. We strive to build your trust by being honest, proactive and flexible and suggesting products and service offerings which meets your business objectives and budgets.

We are vendor agnostic and use best of breed hardware, software, cloud and communication solutions to meet your requirements.

Our customers are B2B, typically 5 to about 200 users, additionally we work with IT Managers and Directors/C-Suite of larger organisations and support any vertical, based in the UK. We also support international customers who have a presence in the UK.

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