Signet Consultancy Ltd

Specialists in Railway Signalling Testing and IT Networking

Areas of Expertise

Metro Signalling

Over 20 years experience in IRSE signalling testing of various railway signalling systems, including modern transmission based signalling.


Develop bespoke hardware and software for life extension of dated railway systems and railway information systems.

Computing & Networking

Specialised in IT networking, especially for railway data transmission systems, and other applications.

Small Business Computing

We can assist small businesses as well as home based businesses to setup small IT infrastructure to suit their needs.

About us

Established in 2006, we primarily specialise in metro railway signalling systems, we have extensively carried out Institute of Railway Signalling (IRSE) licensed testing at a functional. systems and principles level.

Some projects we are proud to be a part of, have been the re-signalling of the Northern and Jubilee Lines, from an aging legacy signalling system to a modern Transmission Based Train Control (TBTC). We are currently working on London Underground’s sub surface lines, re-signalling the legacy signalling system to Communication Based Train Control (CBTC).

We have designed and implemented bespoke projects for the Piccadilly Line and the District Lines, where aging control systems that needed “patch and go” solutions, and interfacing old systems to modern industrial standard networking protocols and industrial standard hardware and software.

We can help small businesses in all their IT needs, setting up and configuring networks, internet connectivity, email services and even simple websites and domain name advice and configurations.

We deal with most small-scale IT projects where a customer may need quick IT help without a tie in to annual contacts, we are happy to consider any job and no job is too small.

We understand that cloud computing is the future and working towards mastering these technologies for our customers.

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