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The five pillars of our strategy are “analyse, recommend, implement, maintain and evolve.” This allows us to stay ahead of the curve and implement technology and solutions that enable our clients to meet their business objectives and spend more time working on the things that matter to them. As a managed service provider our scope and services cover 5 main categories.

We support your team and business. Whether onsite, remote, via phone/email, we are there to resolve any issues you may have. We work with our clients to find their favoured form of communication to promote efficient problem-solving. Our support is available for all devices, software, cloud, hardware and infrastructure and we have the ability and expertise to act fast and support businesses.

Our hands-on approach to planning, support, initial set up and staff training sees us actively engaging with our clients, ensuring that any technology is used to its full potential. Our on-boarding process enables business to be confident that all information is gathered, gap analysis performed prior to supporting you to facilitate a smooth handover and effective support thereafter.

Support Coverage (Onsite, Email, Telephone, Remote dial-in)

– Server – hardware, cloud, OS, applications

– Storage & Backup – onsite, cloud, hybrid

– Cyber Security

– Comms and Collaboration (Email, Teams, Telephony, Conferencing)

– Audio Visual Services

– Network infrastructure – cloud, software & hardware (Firewall, Switch, Wi-Fi, Router, Internet)

– Desktop – hardware, OS, applications

– Printer – onsite hardware & Support

With the best of breed infrastructure and network monitoring tech, we can ensure that your business is safe. The majority of abnormalities and potential problems can be detected and resolved before they have an impact on the end-user. Additionally, with system health checks and regular backup checks, we ensure that your systems are up to date and secure. As we work with you, we can identify any inefficiencies and suggest improvements where applicable. An often labour intensive process for businesses and their IT managers is patch management and update implementation. We take a proactive approach to ensure that updates and patches are applied at the appropriate time while maximising security and limiting downtime.

Communication and collaboration are vital to the success of both the individual and the business. We encourage clients & users to ustilise fit for purpose tools that are available to enhance their communication and optimise collaboration between team members and clients. Some solutions we setup and support include:

Email & Collaboration

– Email Systems & Security

– Teams, Slack, Zoom, Hubspot

– Cloud storage eg Azure, Sharepoint


– Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

– Traditional

– Integrated (On-Prem/Cloud)

Are there dead spots of WiFi coverage in your workplace or are you receiving too many spam emails, these and many other ailments may be linked to your It infrastructure. Assessment and tweaking of your infrastructure and systems can lead to drastic improvements within your working environment. Often overlooked, the core infrastructure and its components are central to a business’s day to day functionality

Areas covered:

– Switches


– Firewall

– Wi-Fi

– Routers

– Internet

Business continuity and disaster recovery is a must for all businesses that rely heavily on technology.