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We can help identify any weak spots and build a safer, more secure cyber environment that will help you sleep at night..

We do offer services and support related to one particular area of concern, which we find can be a help to a company who just need a professional opinion to double-check their systems are secure.

Perhaps a new firewall needs to be installed and set up, we can do that for you. We do, however, suggest that your entire IT systems, processes and user habits are assessed to ensure the best and safest results.

Areas covered:

– Hardware

– Software

– Network infrastructure

Looking at the bigger picture, how your business handles its sensitive and client data is of utmost importance, and we can ensure that it is protected and compliant. The ecosystem of your business processes, the IT components and avenues of access can be complex and some are more resilient than others on the ever-changing cyber battlefield.

One example is Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is having its support withdrawn shortly, leaving it exposed to attack. This alone is a risk that can be mitigated by moving your email systems to Microsoft 365 on the cloud..

Areas covered:

– Information & data

– Cloud and 3rd party app security

Is your internet connection good enough to allow the adoption of cloud computing, are your backups running during peak hours and causing disruption to your staff? These variables and others need to be monitored and assessed before the implementation of any new system. Introducing change requires analysis to ensure that the current system has the capacity and power to provide the necessary functionality. As a managed service provider, through non-invasive monitoring and testing, we can asses your infrastructure to ensure it can provide the essential output for your business.

Areas covered:

– End Point Security

– End User Awareness

– Vulnerability Testing