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Cloud solutions offer flexibility, scalability, savings and a whole host of additional features that have empowered and increased productivity of many businesses and users globally. To take full advantage of cloud computing, we will work with you to identify your core computing and technology-based processes, requirements, and aspirations and provide a solution that aligns with your business needs. We will tailor a solution based upon current hardware and practices aiming to increase efficiency through the use of cloud computing that enables your business to focus on revenue-generating projects

The main benefits for adopting the cloud for business use include reduced operational costs, increased security, greater ease of access and the ability to move away from on-premise hardware and infrastructure. Additional security and management features let you feel safe that all your data is secure and retrievable via cloud backup services. Enable your teams to work collaboratively on projects, use virtual desktops to increase user access to reduce business interruption in times of catastrophe. The cloud infrastructure allows for reduced downtime when services do fail and are less susceptible than on-premise hardware when the unthinkable does happen.

Summary of potential benefits:

– Increased collaboration and productivity

– Increased ease of access and use

– Reduction of internal infrastructure

– Backup and restoration services

– Cost effective

– Virtual desktops

– Scaleability

– Increased security

We offer a variety of cloud solutions/platforms and each has its benefits and characteristics, that can be tailored to fit your business needs.

Areas covered:

– Office 365

– Microsoft Azure

– Amazon Web Services (AWS)

– Private and hybrid cloud platforms

– Integration of existing cloud solutions

Digital transformation is the transition to digital technologies in all areas of your business changing how you deliver value to your customers and changing staff cultures in your organisation to facilitate new ways of working. However, digital transformation must take into account the broader business goals and strategy.

We work with our clients to ensure that the goals are clear and comprehensive, and we then offer a variety of digital solutions that match the requirements of the business. We have found that leveraging the knowledge and expertise of your staff and users helps identify the different variables that exist within individual companies. One system that is perfectly designed and implemented for sales may not work for logistics. Through analysis and implementation of the above aspects and more, we are confident that we will be able to achieve your desired results through digital transformation.

Backup and recovery services are not just for emergencies. While the cloud offers excellent flexibility and redundancy, the end-user data is not backed up in many cases. Of interest and which some may find surprising is that Microsoft does not back up its cloud servers. It is the responsibility of individual organisations to ensure that their data and emails, the lifeblood of their business are adequately backed-up.

Data loss can occur in many forms, and often it can be attributed to end-user accidental deletion and administrative errors. Additionally, other avenues of data loss can arise such as file corruption, bugs in automation systems and as a result of malicious activity in its many forms. We, therefore, recommend that you have your cloud services backed up regularly to ensure that if data loss does occur, it can be retrieved quickly and easily.

As a managed service provider we can offer a cost-effective solution that will keep your email data safe by backing up Office 365 data. This can be easily set up or added to an existing product. All other Microsoft data such as Exchange services, Sharepoint and OneDrive can also be backed up. The backups are stored on Microsoft’s own servers so that your data will never leave the Azure Environment.

Different solutions for all the leading cloud providers are also available. Please get in touch for more details.